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        Zip’r4 Xtra Hybrid Travel Scooter


The Zip’r4 Xtra is the first in a new class of scooters called “Hybrid Travel Scooters” that combine the portability and convenience of leisure travel scooters with more space and comfort of the midsize scooters.

The Zip’r4 Xtra is a stable four wheel scooter incorporates all the things you like about the Zip’r4 Leisure Travel Scooter such as wire free assembly and the drop and go battery box and adds four inches more leg room, a large upgraded vinyl seat, higher ground clearance, and a high quality gloss paint job.

Specification Highlights ( Product Specifications )

• 4 wheel
• 250 lb. weight capacity
• Adjustable rotating seat
• Flat free tires
• Upgraded large vinyl seat
• Drop and go battery box
• Front and back basket brackets
• Headlight
• Full body shroud in gloss Red/Blue paint


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