Zip’r Dual Sided Saddle Bag - For Traveler, Xtra, Breeze, PC Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs

Zip'r Mobility

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Overview of the Zip’r Mobility Dual Sided Saddle Bag:

Measuring in at an impressive 11" x 9", the Zip’r Dual Sided Saddle Bag will securely and discreetly allow you to bring all your accessories. Provides mobility scooters and electric wheelchair owners extra storage. A must have accessory for storing phones, keys, wallets, medication, and anything else you may keep in your pockets. The Zip’r dual sided saddle bag can easily slide onto either the right or left armrest depending on user preference, additional velcro straps help insure a secure fit for your valuables. The two individual pouches on the Zip’r Dual Sided Saddle Bag measure 5" x 9" allowing riders to easily organize personal belongings. This saddle bag is compatible with just every Zip’r Mobility mobility scooter and electric wheelchair, including the Traveler 3/4, Traveler Xtra 3/4, Breeze, and PC series.

1) Made from a water resistant polyester.
2) Slides onto armrests with velcro straps for additional security.
3) Two individual compartments for easy organization.
4) Perfect for carrying smaller items.
5) Fits on the armrest of Zip’r scooters and power wheelchairs.

This saddle is compatible with:

• Zip’r 3 Traveler

• Zip’r 3 Traveler Xtra

• Zip’r 4 Traveler

• Zip’r 4 Traveler Xtra

• Zip’r Breeze

• Zip’r PC

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