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Our Story

In 2004 we founded Zip’r Mobility, with the goal of bettering the quality of life for the families and customers we serve. Today we remain true to our founding mission, vision, and values, designing mobility solutions with uncompromising performance and reliability. At Zip’r we believe in doing things right the first time, our strict quality control standards ensure that every product under the Zip’r brand is registered with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device.

Headquartered in North Bend, WA, we believe in the importance of quality service, our customer care team is and will always be 100% American staffed. At Zip’r we work together as a team with a common understanding that trust is earned, not entitled. We maintain a professional, friendly and positive work environment and encourage strong interdepartmental relationships, all of which are aligned in offering the best mobility solutions to our customers.

This is an exciting time for Zip’r Mobility, since our inception, we've made great strides towards our goal of offering mobility solutions that address any potential needs. We always look to reinvent our product line and find new ways to enhance the customer experience by introducing usable improvements to our mobility solutions. It is with great excitement to announce that our engineers at Zip’r have designed a full lineup that we feel provides everyone with the best mobility experience.

We wish to reaffirm our commitment to provide premium mobility solutions backed by the Zip’r brand.

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The Zip'r Way

At Zip’r Mobility, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and we take our responsibilities seriously. We work closely with our engineers in order to develop an uncompromising scooter.

Our manufacturers at Zip’r must meet a rigorous set of compliance requirements. We are proud to announce that every Zip’r Mobility scooter and electric wheelchair is manufactured in an ISO 13484 and ISO 9001 certificated facility.

We regularly review our suppliers in order to assess their ability to meet our high standards. These assessments take the form of audit visits, both announced and unannounced, to ensure that products carrying the Zip’r name are of the highest quality.

Prior to the shipment of every Zip’r product from our North Bend warehouse, we rigorously check for a final time to ensure that our products are free of defects and are in working order.

At Zip'r Mobility we take pride in delivering the highest quality mobility products, called the Zip’r Way.

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