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Easy to operate

I have had my Zip'r Roo for 3 days, and love how easy it is to operate! I haven't been outside with it yet, due to consecutive days of rain, but look forward to testing it outside

The only complaint I have would be in regard to the instructions. The chassis comes pre-assembled which is appreciated. However, there are no instructions as to how to dismantle it for the purpose of transporting in your car. The instructions simply say to dismantle, follow instructions in reverse. Perfect for the tiller, battery box and seat, yet not helpful when chassis came pre-assembled. Spent about an hour figuring out how to disassemble and reassemble on our own.

Except for the above, very satisfied with the product.

I have still not received my order or even the correct tracking number to FIND it.

Gave me options

I have not received key .

easy to use and easy to charge battery

good 4-wheel scooter

Thank you Zack.

Thank you Zack. It arrived and was put together easily. Basic knowledge of battery placement is helpful. For those who do not have the knowledge that I have, a picture would be helpful for others. Fully charged batteries. Runs quietly, easy mobility inside the house. Would like to send pictures. Unable to upload them. Zip'r Breeze 3-Wheel Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter Red $1,699.99 upgraded to 4 wheels.

Great customer service

My brother "misplaced" the keys to his Zipr scooter. I contacted Zipr's customer service and they sent me a link to order a set of replacement keys. The order process was smooth, the shipping was fast and free and in a few days my brother was back on the road on his Zipr. Thanks for your help.

The scooter fits in the back of my small suv and gets me where I want to go.

I love it

Promptness in receiving order

Promptness in responding to emails

It’s a great machine

Been with me around 10 years and so helpful being handicap!

My scooter is light and easy use

I rented a scooter at Disney World last year that cost me $300.00 it was very slow and the battery only lasts half a day. I got my Zipr and have used it twice now at Disney World and going again in December. Buy then it will have paid for itself $850.00. It will literally go circles around the rental’s and the batteries last 35% longer. I bought an extra battery case and batteries because it won’t quite last a long day of playing. It probably would if I lost 50 of my 250 pounds. I am very very happy with my Zipr-4 !

I got my charger much sooner than expected.

I got my charger much sooner than expected.

Easy for wife to manuver and easy for me to transport

Basically it is very easy to maneuver and transport I'm going to use a 6 ft ramp for it and make it easier even in my SUV so I appreciate the size of it and she gets around real good with it

Easy to use.

The Zipr is a great scooter. Was a little confusing trying to separate the front and back pieces. The picture in the manual wasn't so helpful.

Easy to use and way better off than with a standard chair

Powerful, and meets my needs.

We have not received the scooter yet. We had it delayed due to my husband going into the hospital. All is well now and we are waiting to receive our Zip’s 4 Wheel XTRA Mobility Scooter.

Great overall mobility scooter

I was recently diagnosed with MS. This scooter is great for my doctor visits. Easy to manage and I love my newfound mobility. I’m taking it to my next Vegas trip also. Thanks to Zipr for providing me this affordable scooter.

Wheel chair

From reading your review,I think that I would recordmend people to purchase their wheel chair from your company.

I love it.

It allows me to get out and ride around the neighborhood and even to the close stores . So glad I got it.

Good service.

Good product.

A+++++++. Super fast delivery.

My Zip’r Roo was more than expected.Great piece of equipment.Great communication. Thank you kindly Zipr’r Roo.

Easy to put together and customer service was very helpful

Easy assembly

Seems just fine. Fast shipping and no tax. I put it together in about 15 minutes.

Great Customer Service

We had a small issue with a slightly damaged front end, but Zip'r resolved the issue quickly. We are very happy with the Zipperoo we bought and the service we received from this business. Everyone was polite and concerned with resolving the issue. We would buy from Zipr again. Thank you.

It's easy for my mom to operate

Perfect cover for 4 wheeled Breeze scooter

This is very nice and easy to use for my 4 wheeled Breeze scooter. I keep it on all the time while it is parked in the garage to keep the dust off my scooter. It was a bit expensive but it will be worth it. Works better than a sheet or towel. Zipper on the side is handy.

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