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Buyer Beware!

Too small for comfort!

Lost key replacement

Would like to see keys shipped faster.

Thank you for helping us with the manual. We put it together and it’s for my wife and she is able...

Easy for my wife to use. Thank you for all your help.

Good little scooter, Great BIG service!

I bought a used zip-r Traveler scooter for my brother-in-law and I could not get it to work so I contacted the service department at zip-r and this really helped me a Great deal. They sent me information and helped me to get the scooter back on the road again, thanks again zip-r mobility. I would buy again. Good quality from an American company.

will, i wood like to have a hand brake on the handle bar. but i lack mine. over all you can knot beat it.

Great product and wonderful service

We purchased this model for my husband to assist with mobility issues within our home. Putting it together was very easy as the directions were simple It’s a solid, well built scooter with maneuverability and a long lasting battery charge.
We are very happy with this scooter.

Love it

Love it , thought I would hate it but I love it. My friend found it at a second hand store . It like brand new . But it was in storage for 6 months, now I need a new battery

it is very simple to use . it need brake. can brakes be put on zipr-3. if so please let me no. thanks you.

Thanks for your review. We are happy to hear that there are no issues with the battery box. The Zip'r Traveler series mobility scooters do have brakes.

Great features and support

I have been very happy with Zip'r and my Breeze unit. It is a solid unit and very stable yet still maneuverable around the house. They've put a lot of thoughtful features into the design which makes it very convenient to use. For example the front steering column can be moved out of the way very easily by the rider. On other units I've owned, this was harder to do and could not be done easily while sitting on the unit.

I did have an issue with my unit and the service team was very helpful. They spent time with me on the phone working through the issue and sent what I needed by FedEx to get up and rolling again.

Overall, I'm happy with the unit and the support I received.

Customer Service

I received my Zipr3 scooter and the assembly was very easy. I noticed that the battery gauge meter read fully charged so I tried to use the scooter. It did not run but the light and the horn did work. I got concerned so I went on the chat line and they responded with several suggestion. One suggestion was to charge the batteries for a full eight hours before use. I did that and now the scooter runs perfectly. I received Emails and text in a timely manner which is very rare these days. I would highly recommend the scooter and the company. Excellent customer service. It was my fault the scooter did work because I didn’t follow the directions.

Review of wheel chair

I have owned this chair for 6 months now, and it is incredibly good. I consider it the best electric wheel chair on the market, dollar for dollar. It takes a bit of learning to maneuver through the house - I still find myself banging into things, although those instances get rarer and rarer. It is the equal of more of the Hoveround chair, and has a shorter turning radius…and it costs about $1000 less. Great product!

Alice one

What type of battery it needs

Cherri - The Zip'r Roo uses (2) 12V 12AH Batteries which can be purchased directly on our website.

Superbly Engineered Personal Transportation!

We recently received our new Zip'r Mantis electric wheelchair from the factory and have been totally delighted with our purchase. This high quality, extra sturdy electric wheelchair has surpassed all of our expectations. Assembly was a snap, and operation is simple and intuitive, although, like all acquired physical skills, mastering operation takes a little practice, and by that, I mean about fifteen minutes of practice. The chair turns on a dime so it can maneuver in tight spaces, and the motors provide incredible power and acceleration. The construction is rugged, and it's built to last. The technology that has gone into this device has impressed me tremendously, and I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a need for an electric wheelchair. I do have one piece of constructive criticism, however: the owner's manual and assembly instructions could use more detail and more thorough explanations. One final note: customer service from the factory has been about the finest customer service I have ever encountered, and that is very refreshing!

My Zipr 4

I have had my Zipr 4 for 13 years and use it often. The battery box assembly just wore out from all the times it was taken out and put back in my scooter. The replacement box came faster than we expected and was all wired and fit just fine. My Zipr 4 helps me to go and do the things that I enjoy at age 87 so I would highly recommend one for anyone who needs help getting around and I would definitely recommend Zipr Mobility if your scooter needs parts.

Exceptional quality

We didn't really need a power scooter, but the ability to raise and lower the seat has given my wife a renewed freedom in the kitchen that she has been missing for nearly 2 years. We are very pleased with this purchase

pneu pour roue avant de mon quadriporteur sont brisés.

Pouvez-vous me dire si je peux en acheter chez-vous. Merci, Nicole Lachance.

Bought for amusement parks

It did great going up and down the hills at 6 Flags Over Magic Mtn. Better than the parks scooters. Only problem I had was a few parts were damaged when I got it. I couldnÕt find out who to call. I have been sick since I got back.

Great scooter.

Perfect for what I wanted it for. Easy to assemble, battery charges quickly, perfect size for me.


Scooter is fun and useful. Touchy on bumpy surface. Just need to slow down

Great Scooter

I speak for my wife, that she loves her scooter, and cannot do without it. We now travel where we could not before do to her having had Polio.. If I had a chance to buy again I would not hesitate......

Great company

Everything came as promised. My dad loves his scooter. It works great and customer service is wonderful.

Great machine

My wife really likes this scooter, Your company is top notch, From the time I ordered it until I received it was four days, Great service.

Great buy!

The Scooter was easy to assemble! I 'm an 80 yr. Old arthritic person and had no help. A very comfortable padded seat and it has headlights.

zip zip and zip

easy to assemble rides straight and far holds cargo too and has horn and head lights. only thing it needs is rear view mirrors but i got some at the bike shop and dollar store.

2nd mobility scooter

Delighted with the performance and features of this identical second scooter. I appreciate its mobility, transportability, and ease of use. Perfect for my elderly mother-in-law and for my own limited mobility issues.

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