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Zip’r PC Power Electric Wheelchair

  • Great Freedom

    Heavy duty electric wheelchair with a powerful motor designed to support up to 300 lbs and travel up to 15 miles on a single charge. 20” best in class electric wheelchair turning radius. Easily maneuver over indoor and outdoor surfaces with comfort and ease.

    Best Electric Wheelchair
    Easiest Electric Wheelchair Control

    Straightforward Easy to Use Controls

    Easily steer, change direction, check battery range, and set a maximum speed. With the Zip'r PC power wheelchair controls are all within arms reach.

    Tested and Trusted Reliability

    The Zipr PC 6-wheels provide maximum stability for riders. Features flat-free non-marking tires. Zip’r PC electric wheelchairs for adults provide riders with unrivaled peace of mind and safety.

    Power Wheelchair with Extra Storage
    Motorized Wheelchair Seat for Back

    Superior Comfort

    Padded plush seats provide gentle cushioning and support. Features a 19.5” ultra-wide seat. Adjustable controls enable riders to mount controls to either armrest when operating the motorized wheelchair. Folding armrests for easy accessibility. Customize your preferred ride height and position with the Zipr PC power wheelchair.

    The Zip’r Way

    At Zip'r Mobility we take pride in our power electric wheelchairs, rigorously putting our motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters through a comprehensive set of tests, ensuring quality and reliability. Our mission at Zip'r is to better the quality of life for the families and individuals we serve.

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Marilyn Chilcote
This has been a wonderful addition to our home

Just as advertised. This is a sturdy little machine. It did take a little expertise to get it together. And we have a couple of suggestions for further thinking on your part. One is that we would love a simple way to be able to attach grocery bags to the back (for example as I do in my electric wheelchair provided by Medicare for something like $22,000 which insurance Mostly covers.) It is very difficult to carry shopping home on your lap and drive at the same time. We've seen some things on the Internet but it would be nice if zipper designed something that fit this great little wheelchair exactly.

William Platt
Turn radius

Building soon

Valerie Sinclare
Everything I expected and more

Smooth ride. Easy to navigate after a bit of practice. Comfortable seating. Would definitely recommend to anybody needing assistance from a power chair.

DeWaine Teal
Review of wheel chair

I have owned this chair for 6 months now, and it is incredibly good. I consider it the best electric wheel chair on the market, dollar for dollar. It takes a bit of learning to maneuver through the house - I still find myself banging into things, although those instances get rarer and rarer. It is the equal of more of the Hoveround chair, and has a shorter turning radius…and it costs about $1000 less. Great product!

Cassy J.
5 Star Electric Wheelchair

Great electric wheelchair extremely pleased with the durability and build quality. Great price!

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